Today’s CIOs and CTOs don’t just need to manage larger volumes of data – they need to generate insight from their existing data. In this case, the relationships between data points matter more than the individual points themselves. In order to leverage data relationships, organizations need a database technology that stores relationship information as a first-class entity. That technology is a graph database.

Attend this webinar to hear about:
1. Why graph technologies are essential for the future of increasingly connected data
2. How enterprises such Walmart, eBay, and UBS are using Neo4j’s native-graph platform for a diverse set of use cases, including security & fraud detection, real-time recommendation engines, master data and many more 
3. And how Neo4j on IBM POWER8 can scale your massive graph data with real-time graph processing that’s entirely in-memory.

Nav Mathur
Senior Director - Global Solutions, Neo4j

Nav Mathur is Senior Director Global Solutions at Neo. He is responsible for solutions development and Go To Market activities for Solutions.

Nav is seasoned in business development and brings over 20+ years of experience in consulting focused on Strategy, Planning and Transformational Business & IT Solutions.

Amy Hodler
Sr. Manager - Partner Marketing, Neo4j

Amy believes a thriving graph ecosystem is essential to catalyze new types of insights. Accordingly, she helps ensure Neo4j partners are successful. In her career, Amy has consistently helped teams break into new markets at startups and large companies including EDS, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard (HP). She most recently comes from Cray Inc., where she was the analytics and artificial intelligence market manager.

Richard Sheppard
Director of Sales, Blair Technology Solutions

Richard is an accomplished executive with proven leadership experience demonstrated in progressively senior roles within the Telecommunications-IT sector(s). As a team player with a high level of personal integrity, Richard works to improve shareholder value and the customer experience by establishing trust through effective execution of solutions that meet and exceed client requirements.