Neo4j Tech Talks

Amazed by APOC? Getting going with Graph Apps? Don't know Desktop?

The first of an on-going series, join us for these 30-minute sessions that will provide quick, technical learning and insights, aimed at improving your developer experience in and around the Neo4j ecosystem.


  • Getting up and running with Neo4j Desktop - Lju Lazarevic, Developer Relations
  • Reactive database connections with drivers - Greg Woods, Drivers
  • Graph Data Science with the GDS Library - Will Lyon, Developer Relations
  • Superpowers for your project with the APOC Library - Jennifer Reif, Developer Relations
  • Improving your developer experience with Graph Apps - Adam Cowley, Developer Relations
Walkthrough Getting Up and Running with Neo4j Desktop
8:00am PT | 11:00am ET

Are you completely new to Neo4j? Don’t know your sandboxes from your desktops? Not to worry! In this talk we’ll go through the different ways to run Neo4j, and then, step by step, how to set up Neo4j Desktop. We'll also demonstrate how to connect Neo4j Desktop to Sandbox and Neo4j Aura. We’ll also show you how to get started with your very first Neo4j query based on the in-built sample graph.

Reactive Database Connections with Neo4j Drivers
8:30am PT | 11:30am ET

Neo4j officially supports drivers for .NET, Java, JavaScript, Go and Python. Thanks to the community, there are significantly more community drivers in addition to these. In this session we will go through the architecture of the drivers, along with the general terms in use. We’ll also run through the other ways available of connecting to Neo4j, as well as discussing the reactive drivers.

Graph Data Science with Neo4j Graph Algorithms
9:00am PT | 12:00pm ET

Graph algorithms provide one of the most potent approaches to analysing connected data. They describe steps to be taken to process a graph to discover its general or specific quantities. In this talk we will introduce you to the Neo4j Graph Algorithms library, giving a brief overview of the different types of algorithms available, and where you might use them. We will also show you how to get set up with the Graph Algorithms library, as well as introducing you to NEuler, the Cypher-free graph algorithms playground.

Superpowers for Your Neo4j Project with the APOC Library
9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET

APOC has become the de-facto standard utility library for Neo4j. In this talk, we will demonstrate some of the lesser known, but very useful components of APOC that will save you a lot of work. You will also learn how to combine individual functions into powerful constructs to achieve impressive feats.

Improving your Developer Experience with Neo4j Graph Apps
10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

With Neo4j Desktop came the option to run Graph Applications. These handy apps provide a great deal of flexibility for interacting with the graph database. The availability of applications are extensive, from the monitoring tool Halin, the visualization platform Bloom, to query inspection through Log Analyser. In this talk we will provide an overview of the different graph apps currently available and how to install them. And for those of you feeling more adventurous, we’ll show you where to find information to build your own.

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