Neo4j & Google Cloud Generative AI Workshop - San Francisco

Tuesday, March 12
1:30pm PT
Generative AI marks one of the most significant technological shifts in history. Among organizations considering or using AI, 82% believe it will either significantly change or transform their industry.* Many companies are exploring the convergence of GenAI and cloud technologies to drive core business processes including fraud detection, customer analytics, or real-time recommendations.

Join Neo4j, 66degrees and Google experts for a hands-on workshop where you will learn how to use graph technology to build intelligent, context-driven applications with lightening-fast queries and real-time insights. During this hands-on lab designed specifically for data scientists and engineers, we’ll walk you through deploying Neo4j and Vertex AI on the Google Cloud platform. This workshop will empower you to:
  • Load real-world data from Google Cloud into Neo4j's graph database
  • Create a graph for export to Vertex AI
  • Layer a generative AI chatbot powered by Vertex Ai and LangChain over a knowledge graph
  • Use Cypher queries to explore relationships and analyze data
You'll come out of this workshop understanding the advantages of graph technology over traditional databases and how graphs can help you tackle your GenAI challenges.

Following the workshop, join us for a networking event. Food and beverages will be served.

This event is free but space is limited, register today!

Please note: You will need to bring your laptop for the session. We will not record or live stream the workshop.

*Google Cloud Gen AI Benchmarking Study, July 2023

1:00 PM -- Arrival / Registration
1:30 PM -- Welcome
1:35 PM -- Introduction to Neo4j
1:40 PM -- Introduction to 66Degrees
1:45 PM -- Lab 0 – Signup for Google Cloud
2:00 PM -- Lab 1 – Deploying Neo4j
2:15 PM -- Lab 2 – Connecting to Neo4j
2:25 PM -- Break
2:30 PM -- Lecture - Vertex AI
2:45 PM -- Lab 3 - Parsing Data with Generative AI
2:55 PM -- Lecture / Lab 4 – Moving Data and Loading a CSV
3:20 PM -- Lab 5 - Exploration
3:35 PM -- Break
3:45PM -- Lecture - Neo4j and Generative AI
4:00 PM -- Lab 6 - Generative AI Chatbot
4:15 PM -- Lab 7 – Semantic Search
4:30 PM -- Cleanup
4:35 PM -- Questions and Next Steps
4:45 PM -- Networking and Reception

Google Office
345 Spear St
San Francisco, CA 94105

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