For this particular session, you should have an Aura Free Tier account. To obtain a Neo4j Aura Free Tier instance go to:

Second session: Hands-on with Neo4j Aura Free tier

Interested in testing a project, building a proof-of-concept, or playing with a graph database - all without handling database administration yourself? Neo4j Aura (free tier) is the option for this and so much more, without any fees or costs of any kind to you!

In this hands-on session, we will cover the following:

  • What Aura is, what's provided with free tier, and how to access it
  • How to manage and monitor the database from the control board
  • How to import data, run queries, and interact with the database
  • How to connect to the database from other sources (like Desktop, drivers, and more)
  • How to access and deploy an application for the database We will also see how to find help and other information specific to using Neo4j in the cloud! (time permitting) 

Next session: Neo4j Bloom

Jennifer Reif
Developer Relations, Neo4j

Markus Kubicek

Philipp Zacharias

Stefan Kolmar
VP Field Engineering EMEA & APAC, Neo4j

Bruno Ungermann
Country Manager Deutschland, Neo4j


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