Join us on Monday, March 30 for a 30-minute webinar, which will explore how Neo4j 4.0 delivers a whole new level of scalability in graph databases.

During the webinar, GraphAware will explore the powerful scalability of Neo 4j 4.0 and use it to analyze the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.

The event will feature Chief Scientist at GraphAware and noted graph database author, Dr. Alessandro Negro, along with Patrick Wall, Director of Product Marketing at Neo4j.

Dr. Alessandro Negro
Chief Scientist, GraphAware

Dr. Alessandro Negro is the Chief Scientist at GraphAware. He has been a long-time member of the graph community and he is the main author of the first-ever recommendation engine based on Neo4j. At GraphAware, he specialises in natural language processing, recommendation engines and graph-aided search. Before joining the team, Alessandro has gained over 10 years of experience in software development and has presented at many prominent conferences, such as JavaOne. Alessandro holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Salento. He is based in Southern Italy (lucky him!), but travels to clients around the world.

Patrick Wall
Director, Product Marketing, Neo4j

Patrick Wall, Director of Product Marketing, is a marketing leader and evangelist for graph databases and Neo4j 4.0. He is an experienced marketing and sales professional in high-growth subscription and enterprise software companies, such as Oracle, Cambridge Semantics and Datawatch Corporation.