Why Build Critical Apps on a Fully Managed Graph Database

30 Minutes

If working with vast amounts of data has become an uphill battle, it may be a sign that your database can’t handle your project. 

Neo4j AuraDB, a fully managed graph database that can run in the cloud of your choice, answers queries 1000x faster than relational databases. It’s designed to handle a mountain of data and mine it for hidden relationships and patterns. Plus, it ensures continuous availability and automatic upgrades. 

These are just some reasons why hundreds of Fortune 500 companies use AuraDB for mission-critical applications. Join our upcoming webinar to learn more about this powerful tool’s capabilities. In just 30 minutes, you’ll discover how AuraDB:

  • Gets rid of painful, complex joins and aggregations with its graph model
  • Enables companies to quickly detect fraud, streamline supply chains, and build intelligent GenAI apps
  • Runs on any cloud and seamlessly integrates into data ecosystems to deliver high performance at scale with zero administration

Ready to see what you could do with your data when you’re not spending countless hours managing your database? Register now to secure your spot. 


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Pramod Borkar
Sr. Product Specialist

Pramod Borkar serves as a Senior Product Specialist at Neo4j. Before joining Neo4j, he held technical marketer and solution consultant roles at MongoDB, Okta, and Exabeam. Pramod has a passion for comprehending enterprise challenges and devising effective solutions.

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