Everything in the world around us is data, and connections are playing a central role in it. We have reached an era in which we have access to an unprecedented amount of information with continuous extraction and storage of large volumes of highly complex data. To leverage and communicate the insights within this information we must give ourselves the means to understand and analyze not only the data itself, but also its connections and context.

Accessing and using context is a process we naturally go through when making choices and it is an essential part of gaining deeper, more transparent, and reliable insights. While these connections are naturally present in the source, the way we store data often dissociates these connections and removes the context from the data itself adding layers of complexity and risks of losing information during the analysis.

Graph technology is specifically designed to store, uncover, and leverage relationships and context within data to provide the level of understanding and transparency we really need. The possibilities are almost endless and it can be challenging to identify which case to address and where to start to make a significant impact.

In this webinar, we will showcase the best strategies to initiate graph projects and share some of the analytics solutions we have developed with our customers. We will deep dive into two use cases where connections make a difference:

  • Data quality management for highly complex manufacturing products: Here we will show how Graph technology can improve data quality by accelerating data inconsistency detection and reporting in densely connected data, using the example of Bill of Materials.
  • Smart assistant for online customers: With this use case we will show the impact of connected data for expert recommendations and how it can be combined with chatbots for improved online customer experience

Marion Robin
Specialist Lead, Artificial Intelligence & Data at Deloitte Netherlands

Marion is a Specialist Lead in the Artificial Intelligence & Data offering at Deloitte Consulting. Her main area of expertise is the design and implementation of Graph-based solutions across multiple industry sectors.

She has driven several graph-based solutions in international projects.

Simone Bom
Consultant, Artificial Intelligence & Data at Deloitte Netherlands

Simone is a Consultant in the Artificial Intelligence & Data offering at Deloitte Consulting. She has a background in Operations Research and Quantitative Logistics. Simone is passionate about helping organization with advanced analytics, and is actively supporting the graph data base competence center to develop MVPs.

Philipp Zacharias

Stefan Kolmar
VP Field Engineering EMEA & APAC, Neo4j

Bruno Ungermann
Country Manager Deutschland, Neo4j


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