What’s the best way to understand your business challenge and accelerate innovation – Innovation Lab or Bootcamp? We would like to argue – it depends!

The Innovation Lab is an onsite Design Sprint, where we educate business and technical users on the potential of graph technology and explore use cases by prototyping graph projects together with our customers. They gain a deep understanding of Graph Thinking and the possibilities in innovation and digital transformation within their organization. 

The Bootcamp is a more technical exercise where we educate the development team and co-create a small Proof of Concept based on a real-life dataset for a clearly identified use case. 

So, it depends on the customer’s specific needs and stage from what they benefit most – designing and prototyping versus creating. 

Jan Aertsen
Head of Professional Services, Neo4j

Jan Aertsen heads up the Professional Services department at Neo4j. He has 20 years of experience in the analytics industry and has run a vast amount of multi million dollar projects in this space. When Jan is not running the team, he keeps a rock and jazz band inline as the man behind the drums.

Alessandro Svensson
Head of Neo4j Innovation Lab

Alessandro has 10+ years of experience in the intersection of design strategy and data-science. Prior to heading the Innovation Lab at Neo4j, he’s held positions as Head of Innovation, Head of User Experience and Design working for companies such as Schibsted Media Group and Hachette Filipacchi.
At the Innovation Lab his team consults sophisticated Fortune 500 companies on “graph thinking” — helping them reimagine their products and services, enabled by the paradigm of connected data and graphs.

Kelsey Bieri
Data Governance Analyst, ICC

Kelsey Bieri is a Data Governance Analyst at ICC in the Master Data Management and Data Governance Practice. She has contributed to numerous data governance and data lineage projects in the Banking industry, helping organizations build a better understanding of their data universe. Kelsey holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business at Ohio University.