Graph data science uses connected data analysis techniques like pretuned graph algorithms and graph-native machine learning to explore the relationships in data to power recommendation engines, anomaly and fraud detection, route optimization, customer 360, and more.

In this supercharged webinar, you’ll hear from graph data science experts and customers as they show you how to improve your models and make better predictions by analyzing the relationships in your data. Our speakers will show you how you can use Neo4j Graph Data Science to find hidden insights in your data and accelerate your path from proof of concept to production.

Join us for this two-hour event where you’ll learn: 

  • When and where to apply graph data science
  • Why DXC uses graph data science to power training recommendations
  • How graph data science can turbocharge your knowledge graph
  • How Neo4j Graph Data Science makes it easy for data scientists to improve predictions and ML models at scale

Megan Tomlin
Director of Product Marketing, Neo4j

Michele Howard
Human Experience Management (HXM) and Workforce Management Data Analytics Specialist, DXC Technology

Zach Blumenfeld
Data Science Product Specialist, Neo4j

Luke Gannon
Product Manager, Neo4j

Kristof Neys
Director, Graph Data Science Technology, Neo4j

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