Learn how Nulli, working with its clients, addresses the latest challenges faced by the modern Identity Access Management world.

The realm of access management is expanding to address the increasing number of relationships required to support consumer analytics, employee regulatory compliance, GDPR, ML, IoT and so much more. Nulli applies the power of graph databases to modeling and traversing these sophisticated relationships, allowing access management software to evaluate contextual policy decisions.

In this session, Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad, Senior Identity and Access Management Architect with Nulli - Identity Management, will illustrate solutions supporting this expanded realm of access management. You will learn about the application of graph algorithms to model security roles, as well as the value of graphs when making access policy decisions.

Patrick Wall, Director, Product Marketing, Neo4j, will also be facilitating a Q&A with Dr. Ahmadinejad at the end of the session.

Dr. Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad
Senior Identity and Access Management Architect, Nulli

Dr. Seyed Hossein Ahmadinejad is a Senior Identity and Access Management Architect at Nulli - Identity Management. He spent seven years of his post-secondary education on network security as well as privacy and access control in social computing platforms. At Nulli, he is leveraging his theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to consult clients on their access control, identity management, identity provisioning and identity federation problems. Given the recent growth and popularity of platforms such as IoT, where relationships between identities is of great significance, Seyed is now working on utilizing graphs for the purpose of securing such platforms.

Patrick Wall
Director, Product Marketing, Neo4j

Patrick Wall, Director of Product Marketing at Neo4j, is an experienced marketing and sales professional within high-growth subscription and enterprise software companies in internet and cloud performance, business intelligence, analytics, data lakes and big data.

Weidong Yang
CEO, Kineviz

Weidong Yang is the founder and CEO of Kineviz. He holds a doctorate in Physics and a Master's degree in Computer and Information Science. Prior to founding Kineviz, he worked for ten years as a product manager and R&D scientist in the Semiconductor industry. He has been awarded 11 US patents and contributed to 20+ peer-review publications.

Axel Morgner
Founder and Managing Director, Structr

Axel Morgner founded the open source project "Structr" and a co-founder and managing director of Structr GmbH, the company behind the project. Structr is a low-code development environment that makes intensive use of graph technology. Axel Morgner is a graduate physicist, works and lives in Frankfurt, Germany and has worked as a developer, architect and project manager at Oracle, among others, before founding various companies.

Martin Preusse
Founder, Kaiser & Preusse

Dr. Martin Preusse has a background in biochemistry and a PhD in computational biology. With his Neo4j consultancy Kaiser & Preusse, he builds knowledge graph applications for medical research, biotech and pharma. His main interests are data modeling and new concepts to solve real-world business problems with knowledge graphs. He is based in beautiful Freiburg in the south-west of Germany, close to France and Switzerland.

Lance Walter
Chief Marketing Officer, Neo4j

Lance Walter has more than two decades of enterprise product management and marketing experience.

Lance started his career in technical roles at Oracle supporting enterprise relational database deployments. Since then, Lance has worked at industry leaders like Siebel Systems and Business Objects, as well as successful startups including Onlink (acquired by Siebel Systems), Pentaho (acquired by Hitachi Data Systems), Aria Systems and Capriza. Lance’s first experience with alternative database platforms was at Arbor Software, the pioneer of the multi-dimensional database / OLAP market.