Law enforcement agencies are trailblazers of using graph analysis to understand connections. Manual and partially automated link analysis tools have been crucial in an investigation and situational awareness capacity for several decades.

Meanwhile, the global explosion in data volumes and sources hasn't been limited to the private sector. Law Enforcement agencies, departments and fusion centers use a vast array of databases and sources, including Record Management Systems (RMS), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and countless other sources.

In this webinar, Christian Miles of Cambridge Intelligence (makers of KeyLines) will introduce the benefits of graph technologies for law enforcement. He will show how to use Neo4j with compelling graph visualization techniques to improve performance and analytics when working with large volumes of law enforcement data.

No technical or domain experience is required for this webinar apart from an interest in graph technologies and the law enforcement domain.

Christian Miles
Technical Sales Manager, Cambridge Intelligence

Igor is an entrepreneurial, practical thinker who thrives in fast-paced environment. Before joining Neo, he worked at eBay as product owner for in-house machine translation service enabling cross-border commerce. Igor was passionate about computers ever since age six when his dad build him a ZX80 home computer. In his free time, Igor loves getting outdoors - from sailing to climbing interesting mountains.

Amy Hodler
Sr. Partnership Marketing Manager, Neo4j

Amy believes a thriving graph ecosystem is essential to catalyze new types of insights. Accordingly, she helps ensure Neo4j partners are successful. In her career, Amy has consistently helped teams break into new markets at startups and large companies including EDS, Microsoft, and Hewlett-Packard (HP). She most recently comes from Cray Inc., where she was the analytics and artificial intelligence market manager.

Shawn Elliot
Principal Architectural Advisor - DPE, Microsoft

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