Neo4j has always been a geographically distributed company. Our employee count of 300+ people is spread over more than 20 countries. Consequently, remote collaboration is in our DNA.

A Social Knowledge Graph can extract topics or moods from instant messaging to improve information sharing. It can also identify “lonely nodes” in times of remote working.

In our latest webinar, we will demonstrate how we at Neo4j have leveraged our own technology to improve the efficiency of remote collaboration and avoid "lonely nodes". The webinar illustrates how instant messaging conversations (in this case from Slack) are used to analyze collaboration. And, finally, we will explain how companies can roll out a similar solution in less than two months.

Jan Aertsen
Head of Professional Services, Neo4j

Jan Aertsen heads up the Professional Services department at Neo4j. He has 20 years of experience in the analytics industry and has run a vast amount of multi million dollar projects in this space. When Jan is not running the team, he keeps a rock and jazz band inline as the man behind the drums.

Niels de Jong
Consulting Engineer EMEA

Niels de Jong works as a field engineer for the Europe region at Neo4j, helping customer engineering teams with the implementation of Neo4j, from inception to roll-out.

He has a background in the research and development of query optimization techniques for graph data. Besides working with graphs, he enjoys cooking, as well as cycling and playing the occasional video game.

Morgan Senechal
Consulting Engineer EMEA

Morgan Senechal works as a field engineer for the Europe region at Neo4j, designing and developing solutions to enhance the utilisation of data and improve decision making.
When not at work, he loves hiking and rock climbing, preparing for the Mt Everest!

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