Managing and monitoring multiple user authorizations and asset provenance across your enterprise organization is a challenging task. We’ll explore how an interconnected view of your data, gives you better real-time insights and controls than ever before.

Lju Lazarevic
Pre-Sales Engineer, Neo4j

Lju is a techie with a keen interest in data and the opportunities it brings. Her background has encompassed development, consulting and architecture. In her free time, Lju enjoys playing board games, travelling and rowing.

Tim Ward
CEO, CluedIn

Tim has been spending the last 5 years of his career focussing on building large scale applications for the enterprise. With focus on scaling, performance, machine learning and databases, he brings with him over 10+ years of software experience. Being a Neo4j developer for the last 5-6 years of his career, he has a main focus on using database technologies like the graph to solve very complex and large scale problems. Originally from Australia, he now lives in Denmark with his wife and dog (that looks like Chewbacca).

Kelsey Bieri
Data Governance Analyst, ICC

Kelsey Bieri is a Data Governance Analyst at ICC in the Master Data Management and Data Governance Practice. She has contributed to numerous data governance and data lineage projects in the Banking industry, helping organizations build a better understanding of their data universe. Kelsey holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business at Ohio University.