Knowledge Graphs require highly contextual search results - something that is most efficiently realised with graph-based search. In this webinar, we will introduce what Knowledge Graphs are, how they can be used in Neo4j, and the tools and techniques that can be used to construct and enrich a Knowledge Graph, such as NLP, graph querying using Cypher, and inferencing, among others. We will also provide a brief introduction to the property graph model, Neo4j and some of its use cases.

Focusing on graph querying, Petra will expand on Cypher and some of its current features, and then describe extensions - either actively being developed or under discussion - taking graph querying (as well as Knowledge Graph management) to the next level.

Dr. Petra Selmer
Member of the Query Languages Standards and Research group at Neo4j

Dr. Petra Selmer is a member of our Query Languages Standards and Research group, undertaking research into graph query languages and language standards, with the aim of evolving property graph querying. She also supports the openCypher project at For many years, she worked as a consultant and developer in a variety of different domains and roles and has a PhD in Computer Science from Birkbeck, University of London, where she researched flexible querying of graph-structured data.

Benoît Simard
Field Engineer, Neo4j

Benoît est un développeur en informatique passionné par les nouvelles technologies et la philosophie du libre.

Ayant réalisé ses études à l'institut des mathématiques appliquées à Angers, son domaine d'expertise s'est tourné vers le domaine du web et des graphes. Evangéliste Neo4j depuis 3 ans, Benoît travaille actuellement chez Neo4j France comme expert et consultant technique. Il aime par ailleurs partager ses connaissances sur les graphes avec la communauté et lors de sessions de formation dédiées.
Kelsey Bieri
Data Governance Analyst, ICC

Kelsey Bieri is a Data Governance Analyst at ICC in the Master Data Management and Data Governance Practice. She has contributed to numerous data governance and data lineage projects in the Banking industry, helping organizations build a better understanding of their data universe. Kelsey holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business at Ohio University.