Understand how successful financial services, banks and retailers are using graph technology and embedding intelligence to quickly identify risk and fraud patterns as they evolve. Fraudsters are now using more sophisticated and dynamic methods for credit card, money laundering and other types of fraud. Leveraging graph technology will allow you to see beyond individual data points and uncover difficult-to-detect patterns. Hear how to maximize time and resources with graph technology vs. traditional approaches.

  • Detection and anomaly identification – Discuss ROI, time and the value of early detection.
  • Progressive disclosure – See millions of data points in a human-friendly view with the ability interactively drill into details.
  • Scoring and use of algorithms – Learn about the creation of scorecards and risk calculations from multiple data sources.
  • Visual representation – Find out how relatable visual screens and dashboards can enable real time diagnostics and identity risks, anomalies, hot spots and the need for human interaction.
Amy Hodler
Analytics Marketing, Neo4j

Amy Hodler manages partner and analytics marketing at Neo4j. She has over 20 years experience in product marketing and product management helping teams break into new areas at startups and large companies including Microsoft, Hitachi DataSystems and Hewlett-Packard (HP). Previous to Neo4j, She was the analytics and artificial intelligence market manager for Cray Inc. Amy continues to nurtures an extreme fascination for network science and complexity studies.

Scott Heath
Chief Revenue Officer, Expero

As Chief Revenue Officer, Scott is responsible for Expero’s sales, marketing and strategic business development efforts. On an average day, you’ll find him on the phone, at the whiteboard, or just gesticulating wildly in someone’s office. Scott is skilled at distilling the Expero team’s vast knowledge and experience into manageable, accessible and cohesive buckets.

Scott got his start in high tech as an engineer at NASA and quickly found his calling in sales and marketing. He has worked in the deep end of SaaS, enterprise software sales and large expert services consulting. Having held several senior-level positions with custom software products, Scott turned to consulting to broaden the scope of the technologies he evangelizes.
Kelsey Bieri
Data Governance Analyst, ICC

Kelsey Bieri is a Data Governance Analyst at ICC in the Master Data Management and Data Governance Practice. She has contributed to numerous data governance and data lineage projects in the Banking industry, helping organizations build a better understanding of their data universe. Kelsey holds a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business at Ohio University.