Did you know that women’s labour force participation is 49% globally, according to OurWorldInData.org? 

In honor of International Women’s Month, we’re celebrating the knowledge and perspective of women leaders around the world. And this contribution is nowhere more apparent than in the new field of knowledge graphs

Knowledge graphs take the power of connected data to the next level in modern data analytics, offering deep insights to inform critical enterprise decisions. Women across a range of industries are leading innovation with knowledge graphs, shaping the data landscape for years to come. 

Join us for 60 minutes to hear how women are using knowledge graphs at top companies including Deloitte, EBSCO, Myraa Technologies, and DXC Technology. At this must-attend event, you’ll learn:

  • What knowledge graphs are and when they work well 
  • How these women leaders entered the field of knowledge graphs
  • Why knowledge graphs became the right solution for specific business problems

Don’t miss this riveting panel discussion on knowledge graphs, from developing solutions to consulting and serving the world at large through data insights and innovation.

Dr. Ashleigh Faith
Director, Knowledge Graph Product & Semantic Search at EBSCO Information Services

Shilpa Karkeraa
Founder & CEO
Myraa Technologies

Michele Howard
Human Experience Management (HXM) and Workforce Management Data Analytics Specialist DXC Technology

Yan Yee Yap
Deloitte Consulting

Dr. Maya Natarajan
Senior Director, Knowledge Graphs

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The webinar has ended. Please click here to view it on-demand.