Organizations across the globe are innovating with graphs to enable growth, improve efficiency, and even prevent calamities. 

The annual Graphie Awards honor organizations and individuals who demonstrate unique, impactful uses of graph technology. These winners come from all walks of the community – from startups to enterprises, to investigative journalists and ambassadors, to developers and data scientists.

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll hear from winners of the Graphie Awards, including:

  • Myraa Technologies
  • DBS Bank
  • KewMann

You’ll learn all about the greatest graph achievements of the year, from making medical breakthroughs in renal care to implementing AI for digital transformation in banking. Come ready to be inspired by examples of practitioners and organizations using graphs in ways we could never have imagined!

Nik Vora
Vice President - APAC, Neo4j

Paul Loke
Director of Digital Innovation - Auditor-General’s Office, Singapore

Kew Yoke Ling
Executive Director - Kew Mann

Shilpa Karkeraa
Founder & CEO - Myraa Technologies

Soumya Ghosal
Managing Director - DBS Bank

Luis Carlos Crus Huertas
Head of Infrastructure & Automation DBS Data Platform, Consumer Banking Group - DBS Bank

Daniel Ng
Vice President of Marketing - APAC, Neo4j